Rapid solar-powered EV chargers

Late last week, green energy technology firm Gridserve unveiled plans to construct more than 100 of its innovative solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging forecourts across the UK, after receiving funding from the UK Government’s £5bn Energy Investment Portfolio.

The system combines onsite solar generation, battery storage and rapid EV charging points to help motorists achieve zero-emission recharges for their vehicles. Solar power generated on the site will be mixed with power generated at external Gridserve solar farms before being stored in multi-megawatt batteries. Private fleets, taxis, buses and heavy goods vehicles, as well as passenger EVs, will then be able to plug into this power source using 500kW chargers, which Gridserve claims can deliver a full charge to most vehicles within 30 minutes.

Gridserve has secured sites for 80 forecourts to date and hopes to have 100 forecourts operational within the next five years. The project is set to cost around £1bn.


Source: edie

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